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Acromio-Clavicular Joint (ACJ) Reconstruction


Reduce pain, shoulder dysfunction or neurological symptoms due to an ACJ dislocation


As comfortable but usually majority of time for 3 weeks.

Remove for exercises and as comfortable

Aim to wean from sling completely by 3 weeks.

Teach axilla hygiene and washing out of sling



Heavy ADLs and straight arm lifting until 6 weeks

Cross body activities and adduction 6-8 weeks as pain allows

 From day 1:          

Hand and elbow exercises- active and passive


Active external rotation

Shoulder shrugs and scapula setting

Check ‘post op’ note


1-3 weeks:             

Active assisted flexion inc pendulums

Gentle isometric cuff strengthening

Passive ER as pain allows

After 3 weeks:       

Progress active assisted ROM to approx. 75% of normal by 5-6 weeks

Avoid horizontal adduction

Progress strengthening exercises

After 6 weeks:       

Aim to reach FROM



Non-contact sports and free swimming at 3 months

Contact and racquet sports at 4 months


Short distances as pain allows from 3 weeks

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