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Mini-Mumford Procedure- ASAD and Arthroscopic Excision Acromio-Clavicular Joint (ACJ)


Relieve pain originating from the ACJ and subacromial impingement

Pain at top/front of shoulder can take up to 4 months to settle

Can be painful reaching across body and high reach for this time

Surgery type:        

Arthroscopic (keyhole)


General (asleep) usually with a nerve block


To arthroscopically remove approx.. 7-8mm of bone from the end of the clavicle

Opens up the ACJ and removes the source of pain- often arthritis

Commonly associated with arthroscopic subacromial decompression:

To remove a downward protruding bone spur from the acromion                                             

Radio frequency wand to remove and clear inflamed soft tissue

Bone burr (approx. 4mm) to remove bone spur



30-45 mins         


3 (1 on the back of the shoulder, 1 on the side, 1 at the front- approx. 10mm each)


7-14 days as comfort dictates


Non-contact sports and free swimming at 3 months


Contact and racquet sports at 4 months



Sedentary work- 4 weeks

Physical job- 8-10 weeks

Repetitive over shoulder height work- up to 12 weeks



Short distances as pain allows from 3 weeks

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