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Shoulder Instability and Dislocations



3 common reasons (more than one may be present in an individual):

'The Stanmore Triangle'

1.Traumatic Injury- commonly arm forced into throwing position- causes a labral tear or Bankart lesion

2.Genetics - hypermobility or ‘elastic tissues’

3.Poor muscle control – muscle patterning



Unmistakable feeling of shoulder dislocating

Pain down into upper arm on raising arm forwards or sideways

Pain on rotation of arm- reaching for seat belt, arm in to sleeve

Pain on lying on arm in bed, disturbed sleep

Clicking or clunking of shoulder




MRI Arthrogram scan-injection of dye into shoulder before scan


Treatment options:             

Pain killers


Arthroscopic/Key hole surgery (see Arthroscopic Stabilisation)

Open surgery (see Latarjet Procedure)