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Shoulder Instability and Dislocations



3 common reasons (more than one may be present in an individual):

'The Stanmore Triangle'

1.Traumatic Injury- commonly arm forced into throwing position- causes a labral tear or Bankart lesion

2.Genetics - hypermobility or ‘elastic tissues’

3.Poor muscle control – muscle patterning



Unmistakable feeling of shoulder dislocating

Pain down into upper arm on raising arm forwards or sideways

Pain on rotation of arm- reaching for seat belt, arm in to sleeve

Pain on lying on arm in bed, disturbed sleep

Clicking or clunking of shoulder




MRI Arthrogram scan-injection of dye into shoulder before scan


Treatment options:             

Pain killers


Arthroscopic/Key hole surgery (see Arthroscopic Stabilisation)

Open surgery (see Latarjet Procedure)

"I am a patient of Mr Seagger who has recently had an arthroscopic anterior stabilisation due to multiple dislocations of my right shoulder. I suffer quite badly with anxiety, and with this being my first operation I was extremely stressed during the run up to my operation date. Mr Seagger and his team were extremely patient as they took extra time to answer any questions I had thoroughly which put my mind at ease. The procedure was as pleasant as it could of been on the day and has completely changed my initial view on having surgery. Having been a week after my operation, I found the pain to be easily managed and I’m happy to be on the road to recovery."

February 2020

"Mr Seagger treated me for a dislocated shoulder , I found him to be very straightforward, every step was explained to me in detail which I could understand , now fully recovered .."

Feb 2018

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