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MUA / Arthroscopic Capsular Release


Increase range of motion and reduce pain in Frozen shoulder


For pain only. Wean as quickly as pain allows



From day 1:           

Check neuro vascular status

Ensure adequate analgesia

Active assisted exercises in all directions. STRETCHES

Isometric rotator cuff exercises

Scapula setting exercises

Pulley exercises and passive stretches

Stretches into flexion, IR, ER and abduction should be sore.

They should ‘niggle’ for a while afterwards. Hence adequate analgesia is important.


From week 1:        

Passive ROM exercises

Progress ROM exercises

Check scapula control throughout full range of motion

Encourage normal activity

Strengthening exercises as required


From 6 weeks:      

ROM should be at least post-operative range

Encourage exercise regime for at least 6 months to prevent recurrence and ensure full potential



1-2 weeks as pain control and ROM allow (full control of vehicle)

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