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Latarjet Procedure


To prevent further anterior dislocation of the shoulder joint once erosion or fracture of the socket has occurred

Surgery type:        



General (asleep) usually with a nerve block


Open incision at the front of the shoulder- deltopectoral approach

A bone graft of the coracoid process is harvested with a saw/bone chisel

The graft is normally 2-3cm with the large conjoined tendon attached to the tip

A split is made in the subscapularis muscle/tendon at the front of the shoulder

The bone at the front of the deficient socket is prepared to take the bone graft

The graft is rotated and passed through the tendon split

Care is taken to ensure the edge of the graft and joint surface are perfectly aligned

Two screws (occasionally one) are used to fix the graft to the bone socket

The joint capsule is also tightened during the procedure

Further soft tissue tightening may be required for severe damage



90-120 minutes


1 (8-15cm- patient size dependent- oblique scar on front on the shoulder)


Up to max of 6 weeks.

Aim to wean by 4 weeks depending on pain

Sling to be removed for exercise, washing and at rest

Teach axilla hygiene and washing out of sling



3 months-non contact sports (cycling, jogging, swimming- breast stroke)

4 months- return to contact



Sedentary jobs- as pain allows

Manual jobs- return 6-8 weeks and adjust for up to3 months



6-8weeks depending on review of bone block on X-rays

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