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Arthroscopic Sub Acromial Decompression (ASAD)


To decompress the impingement between rotator cuff tendon and acromion


For comfort only. Aim to wean from sling during daytime by day 4.

Aim to wean from sling completely by 2 weeks


None. Pain and common sense

From day 1:     

Hand and elbow exercises- active and passive


Active external rotation

Shoulder shrugs and scapula setting

Active assisted flexion and abduction as pain allows


1-3 weeks:       

Push active assisted and active movements as pain allows

May require gentle stretches to maximise progression

Isometric strengthening


3 weeks +:      

Progress on range of movement.




Swimming after 3 weeks (front crawl after 6-8 weeks)

Golf from 6 weeks

Avoid heavy ADLs or sport >90 degs flexion and abduction for up to 3 months



As pain allows- normally 7-10 days