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Acromio-Clavicular Joint (ACJ) Dislocation



Traumatic Injury to shoulder

Fall on to the point of the shoulder- fall from bike, tackled during rugby

Shoulder blade and arm driven down away from end of clavicle



Prominent mobile lump at the end of the collar bone

Pain felt at the end of the collar bone

Pain down into upper arm on raising arm forwards or sideways

Pain on top of the shoulder on using the arm across the front of the body

Pain on lying on arm in bed, disturbed sleep



X-Ray, Ultrasound scan, MRI scan


Treatment options:             

Pain killers

Physiotherapy- for types 1 to 3

ACJ Reconstruction/Lockdown- some type 3.Most type 4s

"Mr Seagger put me at ease and answered all my questions before my operation. The operation went smoothly and I’m delighted with the result. Mr Seagger has an excellent bedside manner and very professional. I would not hesitate to recommend this surgeon to anyone - fantastic - thank you :)"

November 2019

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