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Shoulder Arthritis (Glenohumeral/ Ball and Socket Joint)



Traumatic Injury to shoulder

Wear and tear of the joint- less common than hip or knee arthritis

Rotator Cuff Arthropathy- arthritis due to tendon failure (rotator cuff tear)

Rheumatoid Arthritis



Pain felt in the shoulder and into the upper arm

Pain down into upper arm on raising arm forwards or sideways

Stiffness and restriction of joint

Pain on lying on arm in bed, disturbed sleep

Symptoms may be progressive and adversely affect quality of life



X-Ray- shows gross features of arthritis

       1.       Loss of joint space

       2.       Osteophytes- bone spurs

       3.       Sclerosis- hardening of bone

       4.       Cysts- fluid collections in bone

Ultrasound scan, MRI scan, CT scan- when planning possible surgery


Treatment options:             

Pain killers


Injections (steroid/cortisone)

Arthroscopic/Key hole surgery- mild arthritis

Total Shoulder Replacement- severe symptoms with working tendons

Reverse Shoulder Replacement- severe symptoms with damaged tendons

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