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Mr Robin Seagger



"I found Mr Seagger by contacting my insurer Aviva with a shoulder problem that my physio had been unable to cure. I requested a consultant who works from my local BMI hospital, Highfield, at Rochdale and they suggested Mr Seagger. First contact was a telephone consultation, because of the ongoing problems with Covid19, during which I was questioned thoroughly about my pain and he suggested that I needed an ultrasound scan to confirm his diagnosis of a possible torn tendon in my shoulder, and if the scan confirmed his opinion the doctor doing the scan would do an accurate steroid injection at the same time. bookings were made , scan confirmed his opinion, injection carried out, all within about 2 hours at Highfield, and 90% improvement within 2-3 days, 100% within 2 weeks. Would thoroughly recommend Mr Seagger and Highfield for this type of shoulder problem."

January 2021

"I had a right reversal shoulder replacement , earlier this year, performed by Mr Seagger at the Royal Oldham Hospital. I found the treatment and aftercare second to none, Mr Seagger is an excellent surgeon, and a very nice person too. Nothing is too much trouble, and he does explain everything, regarding your operation and any other concerns that you may have, and puts you at complete ease. I would recommend Mr Seagger to anyone who is in need of any orthopaedic surgery or advice with total confidence"

November 2020

"Dr Seagger made me feel at ease as soon as I walked in with his friendly professional manner. He already had my X-ray and scan results but he asked me questions about my problem, how it had happened, how I was feeling and if I had any underlying problems too. When he was satisfied, he told me my diagnosis and then went on to explain everything in detail of what was happening in my shoulder - in a way that I understood. He then told me the different treatment options available and at what stage these treatments would be effective. Once we had decided what was best for me, he showed me some exercises and also gave me access to his website where I can get all the information. Overall, I would recommend Dr Seagger to anyone with Orthopaedic problems."

October 2020

"I am a patient of Mr Seagger who has recently had an arthroscopic anterior stabilisation due to multiple dislocations of my right shoulder. I suffer quite badly with anxiety, and with this being my first operation I was extremely stressed during the run up to my operation date. Mr Seagger and his team were extremely patient as they took extra time to answer any questions I had thoroughly which put my mind at ease. The procedure was as pleasant as it could of been on the day and has completely changed my initial view on having surgery. Having been a week after my operation, I found the pain to be easily managed and I’m happy to be on the road to recovery."

February 2020

"I had a full cuff and tendon repair opp 12 months ago, the team was headed by Mr Robin Seagger, i was in a lot of pain for a long period of time.When i entered the hospital i was immediately put under the care of his team, who were fantastic with me.Shortly after i woke up after the Opp Mr Seagger was there to reassure me the procedure went well,he explained in detail what he had done and told me it would be 6-12 months before i would feel the full benefit,he was absolutely correct 12 months on and i feel fantastic.No pain and almost full movement back. I am so grateful to Mr Seagger and his team and would strongly recommend him and his team.Once again a big big thank you to you Mr Seagger and your team"

January 2020

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"I strive to provide a personalised and individually tailored service to efficiently relieve your symptoms. My goal is to return your quality of life and get you back to work and recreational activities as soon as feasible."

"Mr Seagger was great from the start, listening to me intently and then following and X-ray provided me with a couple of options whilst setting my expectations. I chose option 1 to go down the injection route, but that failed and Mr Seagger had made it clear this could be the case. It was then down to me to decided to put up with the pain or have the operation (Subacromial Decompression) and I chose the latter. Again Mr Seagger was quite clear about my chances of recovery and allowed me to weigh up my options answering all my questions. On the day of the operation he provided me with a clear, concise overview of what would happen and he was spot on. Its now 4 months after the op and I am months ahead on the road to recovery and all thanks to Mr Seagger and the support teams in place, in particular the physiotherapist dept at BMI. Overall I had a positive experience pre, during and post op and I would like to thank Mr Seagger and his support team for all there help and support"

November 2019


"Mr Seagger put me at ease and answered all my questions before my operation. The operation went smoothly and I’m delighted with the result. Mr Seagger has an excellent bedside manner and very professional. I would not hesitate to recommend this surgeon to anyone - fantastic - thank you :)"

November 2019

"I opted to see Mr. Seagger after carefully reviewing his specialities and expertise and he seemed to have the right credentials to assist me with a troubling shoulder injury that was preventing me from enjoying tennis and also causing me to have problems sleeping properly. A thorough examination ensued on meeting Mr. Seagger and first Xrays were taken which proved to be somewhat inconclusive, so an MRI scan followed. This showed two separate problems of tendonitis and also arthritis within the shoulder joint. After discussion and debate between Mr. Seagger and I, we agreed that we'd see if a cortisone injection would benefit as this would help determine future actions, whether the outcome was good or bad. The short term result of this wasn't superb but the pain had lessened considerably and over time, (now nearly 4 months) the pain has virtually disappeared and I'm able to fully resume all previous activities that caused problems beforehand. Mr. Seagger has been professional throughout and also very good in explaining very clearly (in layman's terms) exactly what could be determined from the scans, what the available treatments and likely outcomes were and what future steps could be taken, dependant upon those outcomes. Hopefully the pain will stay away and I will have no need for further treatment but if this problem should re-occur, I would have no hesitiation in contacting Mr. Seagger again."

April 2019

"I have suffered for 4 years and had severe pain for 2 years. 40 mins with mr seagger has answered so many problems and given me piece of mind of how to continue...really first class top consultant thank you"

February 2019


"My appointments with Mr Seegar went extremely well. Very efficient found the cause of my injury and advised me on the treatments which I have just had the scan and steroid injection hopefully this will reduce the pain I am due to see Mr Seegar in the new year many thanks"

October 2018

"Mr Seagger worked quickly and efficiently to diagnose my problem. Options for treatment were discussed. A procedure was booked in swiftly. subsequent visits showed the treatment had worked. Happily discharged 3 months later. Mr Seagger was very clear that additional appointments could be sought should further problems occur."

April 2018


"I have been delighted with the surgical treatment I have received from Dr Seaggar at the Highfield Hospital for a subacromial decompression. He was solicitous, positive and totally professional throughout all the consultations which I had with him. The operation has made an enormous difference to the quality of my life and enabled me to get back to the fitness regime which is so important to me. I am extremely grateful that the NHS is doing a great job in this particular field."

March 2018


"I recently had surgery on my shoulder to remove calcium deposits. I had been in considerable pain for sometime, unable to sleep and barely able to use the arm. I was seen by Mr Seagger, September 2017,and a month later I was admitted for day surgery. Since the surgery the pain has disappeared and the use of my shoulder and arm have gradually returned, with further improvement promised for the future. I am a very satisfied patient."

Feb 2018

"Mr Seagger treated me for a dislocated shoulder , I found him to be very straightforward, every step was explained to me in detail which I could understand , now fully recovered .."

Feb 2018

"I first saw Dr. Seagger a couple of years ago with a problem I was experiencing with my right shoulder. He instantly put me at ease, assessed and diagnosed the problem and provided me with a few options I could take before we went down the surgery route. These options were tried and helped but unfortunately didn’t eradicate the problem and surgery was required. I can honestly say that since he operated on this shoulder I have had no further problems with it. From the booking of appointments to consultations to surgery and post-operative care I have been provided with a first-class service. Dr. Seagger also advised that I probably would have the same problem with my other shoulder in time and he was completely correct as I am now 6 weeks post operation with my left shoulder. Again, everything has gone exactly to plan, and I am already experiencing the benefits of having this operation done to which I am truly grateful. I have found Dr. Seagger's demeanour to be very calm, positive, thorough, attentive, and personable. He is extremely knowledgeable, and I have been treated with the utmost professionalism. If you are looking for a doctor, you could not do better than with Dr. Seagger."

Jan 2018

"Knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. Couldn’t have asked for better care. Very grateful"

Jan 2018 

About Me


My name is Robin Seagger. In April 2012 I took up a post as a Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon at Pennine Acute Trust. My NHS trauma and elective practices are undertaken at both The Royal Oldham Hospital and Rochdale Infirmary.


I treat private patients and have admitting rights to operate and undertake  regular clinics in both The BMI Alexandra Hospital, Cheadle and The BMI Highfield Hospital, Rochdale. 

I have a sub-specialist interest in the diagnosis and treatment of the whole spectrum of problems related to the shoulder girdle and elbow. This includes all arthroscopic procedures of the shoulder and open procedures of the shoulder and elbow. Operations I perform include advanced arthroscopic surgery for instability and rotator cuff problems, impingement, frozen shoulder and complex open procedures including joint replacement surgery for arthritis (joint resurfacing, hemiarthroplasty, total shoulder replacement and reverse polarity shoulder replacement). I regularly undertake carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve decompression and both traditional procedures and radio-frequency ablation for tennis and golfers’ elbow. In addition to this I treat a full range of trauma and fractures around the shoulder, clavicle and elbow.

I am currently endeavouring to set up a ‘One Stop Clinic’ where I will personally undertake ultrasound assessment of the patient’s shoulder as part of a routine examination. This will allow the patients to receive a firm diagnosis at their first outpatient appointment, negating the need for further imaging and hence reducing the patient’s time on waiting lists.

I am regularly referred patients with complex shoulder problems from other local orthopaedic surgeons. My primary concern is with obtaining optimal results for my patients. The management goals can range from the reduction of pain and dysfunction to return to high level sporting activities and are individually tailored to meet the patients’ needs. I actively audit my practice, using internationally validated scoring systems with reliable and favourable results.

I studied at Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School, London, where I qualified as a doctor in 1998. I undertook my orthopaedic training in the Severn Deanery (Bristol area) before embarking on sub-specialty training in shoulder surgery. I was awarded fellowships in Exeter and London under the supervision of Mr Tim Bunker and Mr Andrew Wallace, respectfully, two of the world’s leading arthroscopic shoulder surgeons. I subsequently undertook a further fellowship in shoulder and elbow surgery at The Avon Orthopaedic Centre, Bristol. During my fellowships I was actively involved both in research and the treatment of numerous world class sportsmen.

 During my registrar training I studied for and was awarded a Masters Degree (MSc) in Orthopaedic Engineering from Cardiff University.  I have presented and published numerous research papers and articles both at national and international meetings as well as being published frequently in a number of international journals. I am actively involved in the training of other doctors and surgeons and frequently teach on courses including, arthroscopic shoulder surgery courses.

Membership of Societies 

British Elbow and Shoulder Society

British Orthopaedic Association

North West Upper Limb Group


Exeter Shoulder Fellowship- Exeter- Mr T Bunker and Mr J Kitson

Calvert Shoulder Fellowship- London- Mr A Wallace

Bristol Shoulder Fellowship- Bristol- Mr M Crowther and Mr N Blewitt


FRCS (Trauma & Orthopaedics)- Royal College of Surgeons of England

MSc (Orthopaedic Engineering)- Cardiff University

MRCS- Royal College of Surgeons of England

MBBS- Imperial College of Medicine/Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School

Awards and Honours

‘Doctor of the Year’ Surgical Division 2014

Pennine Acute NHS Trust

I was honoured to be awarded the ‘Doctor of the Year’ award for the surgical division and attended the trust wide awards ceremony. I was nominated for my ‘patient centered’ approach to my practice.

Nomination for ‘Hospital Hero’ Award

Royal United Hospital, Bath. January 2010

I was nominated in this scheme where patients and staff can recognize the efforts made by members of hospital staff at an annual awards ceremony.

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