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Anterior Shoulder Dislocation


Initial treatment following anterior shoulder dislocation


External rotation beyond neutral for 4 weeks


As comfortable.

Wean from sling 2-4 weeks if not painful


0-3 weeks:             

Scapular setting in neutral

Shoulder shrugs

Elbow and hand- full active ROM

Isometric rotator cuff, biceps, triceps and deltoid exercises in neutral                                                        

Pendulums from 1 week


3-6 weeks:            

Active ROM exercises

Strengthen cuff through ROM

Scapular control though ROM

Proprioceptive work

Aim for full flexion and ER by week 6

AVOID combined ER and Abduction


6 weeks +:             

Advanced rotator cuff strengthening through ROM and into apprehension range

Speed and endurance work of rotator cuff

High level closed chain work

Add sport specific and job related tasks



From 1-3 weeks as pain and ROM allows

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